Cats and Christmas Trees

Are you planning to put up a tree this year? If so, your feline pal will most likely be very interested in it. Every year, we see new videos of kitties gleefully trying to climb holiday trees. We can help! A Bolingbrook, IL vet offers tips on putting up trees in this article.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right spot may very well be half the battle. Don’t put the tree right next to a desk or sofa. These things make great launch pads for frisky furballs!

Decorate Carefully

Keep your furry buddy in mind as you are hanging decorations. Put any sharp, shiny, or fragile ornaments on the top part of the tree. Decorate the lower third sparingly, and only with things that won’t break if your kitty bats them down.

Be Aware of Hazards

We know, Fluffy’s tree-attacking antics are adorable. However, it’s important to remember that trees can be dangerous for our feline pals. The water is one concern: it could contain toxic residues from pesticides and fertilizers. Ornament hooks, tinsel, ribbons, and lights are also dangerous. Keep a close eye on things, and pick up any fallen decorations immediately. Better safe than sorry!

Tire The Kitty Out

Distracting your playful pet may also help. Get your kitty some fun new toys, and take time to play with her regularly. If Fluffy is tired out after a vigorous game of Catch The Red Dot, she may be more inclined to sleeping under the tree than trying to climb it.

Make It Less Appealing

Make the tree less appealing to your frisky furball. You can also try a taste deterrent. A puppy gate may work in some cases.

Go Artificial

Artificial trees are much harder for cats to climb than real ones. They’re also cheaper in the long run!

Secure The Tree

Use fishing line to secure the treetop to the wall or ceiling. The extra support may keep the tree standing if Fluffy does try to climb it.

Negative Reinforcement

You should never punish Fluffy for approaching the tree. After all, climbing trees is very instinctive behavior for kitties. Instead, make her wary of it. When your cat approaches the tree, make a loud noise or squirt her with water. That may just do the trick!

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Bolingbrook, IL vet clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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