Fido’s Holiday Plans

The holidays are coming up quick. This time of year can get pretty hectic, with many events and get-togethers happening all at once. As it turns out, your pet may also have a few things on his agenda for the coming weeks. Read on as a Bolingbrook, IL vet discusses Fido’s holiday plans.

Door Doggy

Fido takes his duties as door doggy very seriously. Your pooch will always let you know when guests arrive. If your canine pal tends to say hello to people by jumping on them, start working with him to teach him better petiquette.

Get Excited Over Presents

Dogs are always adorable when they spot a new toy or treat. Keep Fido’s tail wagging by filling his stocking with goodies. You can even sign your four-legged friend up for a ‘pupscription’ box. Every month, you get to enjoy watching your furry pal get excited over his mail.

Posing For Pics

Fido takes some adorable holiday pictures. Snap some photos of your furry best buddy against a pretty seasonal backdrop!


Food is front and center at many seasonal celebrations. Your canine companion will definitely take note of those delicious holiday foods! Offer your pooch a special snack. Store-bought treats are fine, but you can also make Fido’s treats. Just stick to ingredients that are safe for him. Look online for options.


Playing is entertaining and beneficial for Man’s Best Friend. Take time to play with Fido every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It will be fun for both of you!

Beauty Treatment

Make sure Fido puts his best paw forward for your guests. Give him a good bath, and clip his claws. Doggy dental care is also important!


Cats are the undisputed sleeping champions of the animal world, but dogs are no slouch in this department, either. Fido spends about half his time snoozing, on average. (Hint: a new bed would make a great gift!)

Spend Time With The Humans

The hustle and bustle of the season can be fun, but it’s also nice to enjoy some quiet time at home. On one of those chilly nights, make (or order) something delicious, pick a good seasonal movie, and settle in with your loved ones and, of course, your faithful pet.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your local Bolingbrook, IL vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care

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