7 Things Your Dog Is Grateful For

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Dogs are definitely pretty high on the list of things that we are thankful for. Fido’s love and loyalty are truly precious, and his happy dances and tail wags brighten up even the worst day. But what do you think your canine buddy is most grateful for? Read on for some educated guesses from a Bolingbrook, IL vet.


Dogs get very excited at the thought of a yummy snack. In fact, some pooches will wake from a dead sleep at the sound of a cupboard opening. There’s nothing wrong with giving Fido snacks. In fact, they are great training aids, and can also help strengthen the bond between you and your furry pal. Just stick with healthy options, and make sure not to go overboard.

Belly Rubs

Does your dog ‘smile’ with happiness when you get that itchy spot for him? Does Fido sometimes demand attention, perhaps by leaning against you or just flopping over at your feet? Our canine friends are very affectionate, which is one of the many things we love about them. Indulge these adorable requests for puppy snuggles!

Long Walks

Those daily walks are of course necessary for sanitary purposes, but they are also one of the high spots of Fido’s day. Dogs love to get out and enjoy some fresh air and sunlight with their human friends.


Our canine pals are super charming when they are playing with their favorite toys. Playthings keep Fido occupied and entertained, and offer him enrichment and stimulation. Get your pooch a new toy!

Car Rides

Car rides are one area where dogs and cats couldn’t disagree more. Our feline patients are often terrified by car rides. Dogs, on the other hand, think they’re the best thing ever.


There are few things cuter than seeing a pooch napping comfortably in his bed. Make sure your pup has a good bed to look adorable on!


Man’s Best Friend has many remarkable qualities, but his faithfulness and unconditional love are truly two of the best. Your furry friend will stay by your side no matter what, and wants nothing more than to hang out with you. That’s definitely something to be grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving! As your Bolingbrook, IL vet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering your beloved pet the best care possible. Call us today!

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