8 Signs That Your Cat Is Healthy And Happy

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month! Cats can be a bit confusing, so it can be hard to tell if your pet is happy and healthy. A local Bolingbrook, IL vet lists some signs below.

Veterinarian’s Approval

First things first: the best way to tell if your pet is healthy is to have her examined by a vet. Keep up with Fluffy’s appointments!

Good Appetite

Kitties can be a bit finicky. There’s actually a reason for this. In the wild, cats always eat their prey fresh. Therefore, they are put off by anything that smells even a bit little off. Your feline friend may turn her nose up at what you put in her bowl, but she should meow to demand something else.


You can tell a lot about a kitty’s health just by looking at her. Fluffy should have soft, clean fur. She should breathe easily and quietly, and neither be overweight or underweight. Her eyes should be clear and free of discharge.


Kitties are very curious little furballs. Fluffy won’t hesitate to poke her nose into any boxes you bring home, and she probably won’t be shy about exploring cabinets or closets that are usually closed. That curiosity is actually a good indication that your pet is feeling good.


If a normally-sweet cat starts acting cranky all of a sudden, there may be something going on with her. However, some signs of kitty diva behavior can actually be good signs. For instance, if Fluffy gives you an irritated meow if you move her mid-nap or pluck her off a counter, your pet may be quite happy, if purrhaps a little spoiled.

Smug Kitty Look

Cats are very, very good at looking superior. If Fluffy often wears that adorable, self-satisfied expressions, you probably have a happy pet.


Our feline buddies are very cute, and they are never more adorable than when they are feeling lively. If Fluffy is frisky and playful, and just can’t resist pouncing on things, it’s likely that your furry pal is in good health.


Although cats can be hard to read, it’s easy to tell when they are feeling affectionate. Happy cats often love to snuggle with their humans!

Please reach out to us, your Bolingbrook, IL vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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