Tips For Taking Fluffy to the Vet

Did you know that August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day? Fluffy would probably insist that this is actually an error, and you should be celebrating Give Your Kitty Tuna Day or Get Your Cat A New Toy Day, but we checked. Keeping up with your furry buddy’s veterinary care needs is very important! Read on as a Bolingbrook, IL vet offers some tips on bringing your furball to visit us.

The Carrier

Cats should always travel in carriers. If you let your kitty roam freely, she could interfere with your driving. This is extremely dangerous! It’s definitely worth your while to take some time to get your pet comfortable with her carrier. Many of our feline patients only see their carriers when they’re about to go on a dreaded car ride. Fluffy may very well bolt for her favorite hiding spot when she sees it. Leave it out in between appointments, and put some soft bedding and toys in it. Keep your furball in her carrier until you get to the exam room.

Kitty Calming Products

Although most cats aren’t very fond of car rides, some are more anxious than others are. If your feline buddy is extremely nervous, ask your vet about using cat-calming products, such as collars and sprays. This may help keep her calmer on the ride.

Play The Radio

Music soothes the savage beast. It can also soothe the nervous kitty! Play the radio softly for your feline pal. If nothing else, Fluffy will have something to meow along to.

Drive Carefully

While driving, try to avoid sudden starts or stops. Fluffy won’t know they are coming, and may get bumped about in her carrier a bit. Also, if possible, use a route without a lot of potholes or speed bumps.

Purr Reactivation

Cats are very territorial, and often get nervous when they are taken away from their kingdoms. Fluffy is a bit of a homebody! Even kitties that go outdoors usually don’t venture too far. No matter how nervous your cat is during the appointment, she’ll likely settle down very quickly when you get back home. Offer Fluffy a special treat or a new toy to get her motor going again. A cardboard box would also please your pet!

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