5 Times To Board Your Dog

Fido has definitely earned the title of Man’s Best Friend! Your dog wants nothing more than to be by your side, and may follow you around like an adorable, furry shadow. However, your pup can’t go everywhere with you. Sooner or later, you will probably need to bring your canine pal to a kennel. Most people only board their dogs when they leave town, but there are actually quite a few other occasions when it may make sense to bring your pooch to a pet hotel. A Bolingbrook, IL vet lists some key ones below.


Weddings can get pretty hectic. If you know things are going to be chaotic and/or you’re headed on a honeymoon right after the ceremony, boarding may be a great option. (Of course, sometimes Fido is invited to attend or even take part in the ceremony, so it really just depends on your situation and plan.)

Having A Baby

Giving birth is another major life event that can definitely throw your normal routine upside down. If you’re going to be welcoming a little one into your family soon, make arrangements for Fido to be boarded on the big day. This will allow you to concentrate on your new arrival, without worrying about your beloved pet.


This one isn’t a one-size-fits-all recommendation. If you’re only painting one room, for example, you could just use a baby gate to keep your furry friend out of that area. However, major renovations, such as installing new flooring, can get loud and messy. You may want to opt for boarding in these cases. You don’t want Fido getting in the way, eating something hazardous, or running out an open door!

Moving Day

Fido loves to be underfoot. This is usually adorable, but can be dangerous during moves, especially when your things are being carried in and out. Your canine companion could also run out an open door, right into a strange neighborhood. Keep your dog safe and sound by boarding him on the days your belongings are picked up and delivered.

Medical Procedures

If you’re having a minor outpatient procedure done, you may very well want Fido nearby to cuddle with as you recuperate. However, for major procedures, consider boarding your dog, so you can focus on healing.

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