New Year’s Resolutions for Frisky Dogs

It’s officially 2019! Are you celebrating the new year with a playful pooch? If so, you’re in for some super cute moments this year! Your canine buddy may also have a few things on the agenda for 2019. Read on as a Bolingbrook, IL vet lists some great resolutions for frisky pups.

Sniff All The Grass

Dogs don’t just love going for walks because they need to relieve themselves. They really enjoy getting outdoors and sniffing grass. Our canine pals learn quite a bit through their sense of smell. In fact, for Fido, smelling the neighbor’s yard is almost like a doggy version of reading a newspaper!

Explore New Places!

Man’s Best Friend loves exploring. Take Fido to a local dog park this year, or explore a new trail with him. This is a great way for you to get some exercise and fresh air, and spend some quality time with your pet.


Playing isn’t just fun for Fido: it’s actually crucial to his health and well-being. Getting as much playtime in as possible may very well one of your pet’s top goals for 2019! Help your pooch meet this objective by offering him lots of fun toys and taking time to play with him regularly.

Catch That Squirrel

Does your canine friend have a yard to chase squirrels in? If so, Fido may very well have a pint-sized adversary that he really wants to catch this year!

Score More Bacon

If there’s one thing dogs get excited about, it’s the thought of a yummy treat. Fido may very well want to get even more snacks this year! (Note: treats are fine, but don’t overindulge your pup.)

Catch That Red Dot

Dogs and cats aren’t always on the same page, but there is one thing they agree on: that pesky spot of light is maddeningly elusive. If Fido loves playing with a laser pointer, consider getting him an automated one.

Make New Friends

Fido will definitely benefit from socializing with other dogs. Just be sure to choose your puppy’s playmates carefully. Your pet’s pals should be friendly, well-behaved, and current on their vaccinations and parasite control.


Even the most excitable dogs can’t go all out 24/7. Get little Fido a comfy bed to relax in when he gets worn out.

Happy New Year! Please contact us, your Bolingbrook, IL vet clinic, anytime.