5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! Older dogs and cats have a very hard time getting adopted, but they actually can make excellent pets. Read on as a Bolingbrook, IL vet lists some great reasons to adopt a senior pet.

They Need Love Too

Dogs and cats in their golden years often want nothing more than to be petted, cuddled, and loved. They are also very grateful and loving to their humans. Fido and Fluffy are smart enough to know when someone has helped them. Don’t be surprised if your new furry friend thinks of you as their savior!

They’re Adorable

As we all know, puppies and kittens are almost heartbreakingly cute. However, dogs and cats in their senior years are also pretty adorable. Fido looks very distinguished with a grey muzzle, while Fluffy is very lovable as she gets sleepier and sleepier.

They’re Very Calm

One great thing about older animals is that they are much less prone to mischief and bad behavior than their younger counterparts. Fluffy will be more interested in sunbathing than in knocking everything off your counters, while Fido would rather doze off at your feet than dig up your flowerbeds. That calm, easy-going demeanor makes pets in their golden years a great choice for anyone who doesn’t have the ability, time, or inclination to keep up with a rambunctious kitten or puppy.

They’re Experienced!

Generally, older pets have been pets before, and will have some idea of what is and isn’t acceptable. For instance, Fluffy will likely already be litterbox-trained, while Fido will probably know simple commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, and Lay Down. It’s definitely a good thing to be able to skip the housebreaking stage!

Shorter Commitment

Pets aren’t just furry roommates: they’re our companions and family members. Before you adopt a pet, it’s important to be sure you can commit to caring for your furry friend for the rest of their life. If you’re bringing home a puppy or kitten, this could mean well over a decade of pet parenting. With older animals, however, the commitment time frame is much shorter. This makes them a good match for those who aren’t sure where life will take them over the coming years.

Do you have questions about senior pet care? Contact us, your Bolingbrook, IL vet clinic, today. We are here to help!

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