Caring for a Fluffy Cat

Is your feline pal super fluffy? Longhaired kitties are definitely adorable! Your furry little diva may need some extra TLC, however. Below, a Bolingbrook, IL vet discusses caring for longhaired cats.


Brushing your cat regularly will be beneficial for several reasons. For one thing, it will remove dead fur and dander from her coat before she can swallow it. This will help prevent hairballs, and will also reduce the amount of fur that gets stuck to everything. It’s also good for your kitty’s circulation. Last but not least, this is a purrfect chance to bond with your cat. Choose a time when Fluffy is feeling relaxed and happy, and settle down with her in your lap. Start by petting her gently, moving in the direction of her fur. Then, incorporate the brush. Pay extra attention to your kitty’s ‘armpits,’ as they tend to get tangled.


You may need to trim the fur around your cat’s bottom, so she doesn’t get litter or fecal matter stuck there. Be sure to use scissors with blunt ends.


It isn’t absolutely necessary to bathe cats. After all, they are very good at keeping themselves clean. However, some people do like to give their kitties baths. This is fine, as long as your vet doesn’t object. If you do bathe Fluffy, use lukewarm (not hot) water, and products made just for cats. Avoid getting soap or water in your furball’s eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. Also, it’s best to get her used to the process whil she is still a kitten, if possible.


Hairballs happen when cats swallow their own fur while grooming themselves. Fluffy really can’t digest fur, so, well, we probably don’t have to tell you what happens next. (Hint: it’s not cute.) Hairballs aren’t just an unsightly inconvenience, however. They can sometimes cause serious—even life-threatening—medical problems. You may need to give your kitty hairball prevention. Ask your vet for more information.


Proper nutrition will really go a long way towards keeping your cat’s fur soft and shiny. Feed Fluffy a high-quality, premium brand of food.


Fleas and ticks can really make longhaired kitties miserable. Be sure to keep up with Fluffy’s parasite control products. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Please call us, your Bolingbrook, IL pet hospital, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re happy to help!

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