Dog Bathing Hacks

Does your canine buddy run and hide when you say the word Bath? While Fido seems to enjoy feeling fresh and clean, it’s probably safe to say he’s not quite as thrilled about the process of getting there. Doggy bathtime isn’t always fun for people, either. Here, a Bolingbrook, IL vet offers tips on giving your dog a bath.

Bathtime Treat

If you have a hard time getting Fido into the tub, work on changing his mind. Call your canine friend into the bathroom, and have him hop into the tub. Then, give him a yummy treat. Choose something he doesn’t get very often, like a steak. Once your pet has his snack, let him go. A few weeks of this, you may find your pooch miraculously becoming more fond of the bathroom!


Before bringing Fido into the bath, put a rubber mat down in the tub, so it doesn’t get scratched. You may also want to lay some towels down on the floor to soak up extra water.

Shower Curtain

Do you usually end up soaked after you bathe your pooch? Get a clear shower curtain, and cut two slits in it, about shoulder-width apart. Use the slits as armholes. You’ll be able to see what you are doing, but you won’t get splashed nearly as much.


Use a pitcher or teapot for rinsing your dog. You can also look for a pet hose attachment for your tub.

Shower Caddy

Get a dedicated shower caddy for Fido, and keep all of his grooming supplies in it. That way, you won’t have to run around collecting various items.


Before you bathe Fido, brush him thoroughly. This will remove dead fur from his coat before it gets stuck to your tub and in your drain. You may also want to clip your pup’s nails.


Get a shower curtain, and put it over Fido’s ears to keep them dry. This can make for some adorable photos!

The PB Trick

You may have seen this one online. Spread natural peanut butter on the wall of your tub. Theoretically, this will keep Fido occupied during his bath, though your results may vary. The main downside is that you’ll need to clean the tub both before and after doggy bathtime.

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