Earth-Friendly Pet Care

Did you know that Earth Day is coming up? More and more people are incorporating eco-friendly products and practices into their lives. There are also some ways you can make your pet’s care a bit more Earth-friendly. A Bolingbrook, IL vet lists some great options below.


Did you know that spaying or neutering your pet can help conserve resources? There already far too many sweet pets in shelters or out on their own. Even if you find homes for your furry pal’s offspring, there’s just no way you can guarantee that their offspring will all find loving homes.


Is your cat ignoring that expensive bed you bought her and sleeping on an ottoman or in a box? Does your dog only play with one type of toy? If you have pet supplies you aren’t using, don’t throw them out. Donate them to a shelter or animal charity.


One great way to promote both animal welfare and Earth-friendly practices is to adopt your furry buddies from shelters. Give that one lucky pet a second chance!

Shop Wisely

When shopping for things for your pet, get into the habit of reading labels. Try to opt for products that favor sustainable practices. We also recommend choosing products made in North America. Many overseas manufacturers do not have to follow many regulations for pet products. This means that harmful chemicals and ingredients could make their way into your furry friend’s things. Also, bring reusable bags with you, instead of getting plastic ones at checkout.

Avoid Paper Use

Use washable cloths, instead of paper towels, to clean up after your furry companion. You may also want to consider using real plates, rather than paper ones, to give your pet food or treats. Also, use biodegradable trash bags to dispose of pet waste, such as soiled litter.


There are lots of great ways to turn old furniture and clothing into beds and toys for your four-legged friend. For instance, you can turn an old stepladder into a cat tower for your furball by adding boards to the steps and then wrapping the whole thing in sisal rope. Or, make a rope toy for Fido by cutting an old plain tee shirt into strips. Braid the strips together, then braid the braids together.

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