If Pets Had Thumbs Day

There’s a very fun pet holiday around the corner. March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! What sort of shenanigans do you think your furry pal would get into if he or she suddenly grew thumbs? A Bolingbrook, IL vet offers a few possible suggestions below.

Open All The Food

It’s probably safe to say that the first thing your four-legged friend would do would be to pop open every can or box of food in the house. If you have a cat, Fluffy may also tear the labels off all of your cans because, well, that’s something a cat would do.

Ransack Your House

Once they’d slept off their food coma, Fluffy and Fido would likely investigate the contents of all of your drawers, boxes, and storage cabinets. They may also dump the contents all over the floor. Fluffy would promptly curl up on whatever her fur would cling to the most, while Fido may set himself to figuring out which of your belongings would make the best doggy toy.

Let Themselves Out

Dogs and cats both like to explore. Fido may head to the closest doggy park, or visit that cute pooch down the road. Fluffy, on the other hand, may just leave some pawprints on your car, and then immediately go back inside. And then out again. And then back in.

Lock Each Other Out

Cats and dogs can be best buds, but their relationship can be a bit rocky. One of your four-legged pals may quickly get locked out, and sit at the door pouting. Meanwhile, your other furry buddy would likely curl up for a peaceful nap.

Online Shopping

If your pets could figure out one-click shopping, your bank account may take a serious hit! You’d likely come home to find packages piling up on the doorstep. Fluffy would probably order cat furniture, live fish, and anything that comes in a box. Fido would probably get a doghouse, some gourmet steaks, some fun new doggy toys, and perhaps a new bed.

Fish Dinner

If you have an aquarium, you’d need to put a lock and key on it if Fluffy grew thumbs. You may very well come home to find nothing but plants and decorations left!

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