Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Is your cat nosy? One of our feline friends’ cutest traits is the fact that they are curious about, well, pretty much everything. In fact, there’s even a kitty holiday devoted to feline curiosity: January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! If cats could ask questions, what do you think they would be most curious about? A local Bolingbrook, IL vet offers a few strong possibilities in this article.

Where Did My New Toy Go?

Making sure your kitty has plenty of playthings is very important! Toys keep Fluffy active and entertained, and help keep her from getting bored. Buying or making cat toys is very easy. Keeping your frisky pet from immediately pushing said toys under the couch? Not so much.

Why Won’t You Let Me Out?

Fluffy really is much safer as an indoor cat. If your kitty goes outdoors, she’ll be exposed to dangers from cars, predators, animals, and other hazards. (Tip: to give your pet a taste of the outdoors, make a kitty garden for her by setting out lots of nontoxic plants. You can find a full list of suggestions at the ASPCA website.)

Why Aren’t You Petting Me?

Our feline pals can be aloof, but they can also be very affectionate. If you have a furry little cuddlebug on your hands, you may find your pet constantly wanting to be held and petted. Some furballs start purring as soon as their owners look at them!

What Did You Put In My Bowl? That’s Not What I Ordered!

Given the option, your cat may choose to eat salmon, mackerel, and whitefish every day. However, your kitty will be better off on a high-quality pet food formula. Follow your vet’s nutritional advice.

How Can I Help?

Although Fluffy really doesn’t do much, aside from sleeping, eating, and basically looking cute, she may still try to lend a helping paw every now and then. For instance, your thoughtful furball may offer her ‘assistance’ as you’re changing the sheets, wrapping gifts, or folding laundry!

What Are Your Thoughts On String Theory?

Kitties are very mysterious. They certainly seem to have their own take on the laws of gravity and physics. Fluffy may very well want to know more about quantum physics!

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