6 Cute Things Your Cat Will Do This Year

Happy New Year! As we take down our 2017 calendars and put up new ones for 2018, many people are making predictions for the coming year. We’ll happily leave most of these forecasts to experts, but we do have a pretty good idea of what some of our feline friends will be up to in the next 12 months. Read on as a Bolingbrook, IL vet lists some of the cutest things your kitty will do this year.

Sleep In An Inconvenient Spot

As we all know, cats take their beauty rest very, very seriously. You may also notice that your drowsy pet has a few favorite sleeping spots. Fluffy may very well change things up a bit in the coming year, and try napping somewhere new.

Get Scared Of Nothing

Kitties can be quite jittery at times. If you ever drop a pan when your cat is nearby, your feline buddy may very well immediately hightail it out of the room!

Demand Attention

Although Fluffy has tried very hard to garner a reputation as a cold, ruthless killer, she is actually quite the little cuddlebug. Kitties also have some super cute ways of asking for attention. Your furball may tap you with her paw, jump into your lap, or head boop you when she wants to cuddle.

Play With Something That Isn’t A Toy

Cats are very playful, and love to pounce and jump on things. Fluffy isn’t particularly discerning about her choice of playthings, however. In fact, your pet may ignore that expensive cat toy you got her, and play with a bottlecap or cotton swab instead. Make sure your kitty has lots of suitable toys.

Talk Back

Some of our feline pals are quite the little chatterboxes. Although some kitties are more talkative than others are, even the quietest furballs usually let us know when they want something or are displeased. Your cat may speak her mind if you move her mid-nap, or take away a potentially-dangerous ‘plaything.’

Be Adorable

Kitties have a special way of melting our hearts with their adorable faces and charming meows. Fluffy will definitely charm you with her cute quirks this year!

Happy New Year! Please contact us, your Bolingbrook, IL pet hospital, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We look forward to providing you with excellent care in 2018 and beyond.

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