8 Things Cats Might Actually Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! While it’s definitely great to sit down with our loved ones for a special feast, it’s also important to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday: gratitude. Cats are definitely something to be thankful for! But if your pet were to list things she is grateful for, what do you think she would name? A Bolingbrook, IL vet lists some possibilities in this article.


No one can say exactly why cats love boxes so much. Theoretically, it may be because they feel safe in small spaces. However, our feline friends also love boxes that are, well, perhaps a bit too small for them. Either way, we suspect that boxes would make the list of Fluffy’s favorite things.


Kitties love sunbathing! In fact, they often schedule their morning and afternoon maps so they can snooze in warm patches of sunlight.

Clean Litterboxes

Our feline pals are very clean, and prefer their powder rooms kept nice and tidy. After all, no one likes a dirty bathroom! Keep Fluffy’s litterbox clean by scooping it daily and changing the litter every week or so.


Even if Fluffy wouldn’t know how to hunt a mouse, or what to do with one if she caught it, she’ll be instinctively driven to pounce on things. Keep your kitty’s toybox full!


We all know what Fluffy’s favorite plant is. Giving your furball some catnip may be just as entertaining for you as it is for her!

Good Food

Fluffy may be a bit finicky at times, but at the end of the day, she is definitely appreciative of her meals. Offer your furball high-quality, nourishing food, but don’t overindulge her.

Comfy Napping Spots

In the old days, kitties earned their keep by catching mice and other small vermin. Nowadays, Fluffy’s job is basically to sleep and look cute. Your furry buddy will rotate from spot to spot for her naps, and is always appreciative of comfy sleeping spots. Make sure Fluffy has lots of soft kitty beds to choose from!

Warm Laps

At the end of the day, many cats are basically furry little cuddlebugs that love to be petted and snuggled. Spend some quality time with your kitty every day!

Happy Thanksgiving! Please contact us, your Bolingbrook, IL pet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs.

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