6 Cute Ways to Completely Spoil Your Cat

Did you know that over a third of American households has a kitty? Our feline friends are very popular pets! Fluffy’s cute face, adorable meows, playful antics, and cute quirks have all helped her earn a special place in our hearts and homes. Another great thing to love about cats is the fact that they are so easy to care for: providing your cute pet with good food, a clean litterbox, and regular veterinary care will cover her basic needs. But if you really want to pamper your furry friend, read on! A Naperville, IL vet offers tips on spoiling your cat in this article.


Although cats may look perfectly content just lounging about looking cute, kitties do need entertainment. Fluffy can get bored and restless with nothing to do all day! Make sure your furry pal has plenty of fuzzy mice and other fun playthings to pounce on and bat under the couch.

Beds, Beds, And More Beds

As you’ve probably noticed, cats are rather sleepy little furballs. Fluffy can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing! Offer your drowsy pet lots of comfy napping spots to look adorable in.

Window View

Even if your furball wouldn’t know what to do if a mouse walked right past her, she’ll still be instinctively fascinated by birds and squirrels. Offer Fluffy a comfy window seat with a good view, so she can relax, soak up the sun, and spy on local wildlife.


Playing is great for cats! It helps keep them active, and it also offers them beneficial mental stimulation. Take time to play with Fluffy every day.

Kitty Garden

We recommend that cats live indoors, where they are safe from the dangers posed by cars, weather, and other animals. However, Fluffy can still enjoy a little taste of nature. Make your feline friend a kitty garden by setting out pet-safe plants for her to nibble on and hide behind. You can find a list of suitable plants at the ASPCA website.


Love is the secret ingredient in any cat care regimen. Make sure Fluffy feels loved, safe, and pampered by paying lots of attention to her. You’ll be rewarded with cuddles, purrs, and the occasional love bite.

Please reach out to us, your local Naperville, IL animal clinic, with any questions about your cat’s health or care.

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