Animal Health Care, P.C. Fundraises with Loaves & Fishes for the Holidays

Naperville, Illinois – With the ever-increasing focus on shopping, it can sometimes be difficult to remember what the holiday season is truly about. It is a time to celebrate life and love with family members and friends, a time to give thanks for what one has, and a time to foster hope for the future. That said, many families go without basic things during the holiday season, like meals, and they therefore rely on the generosity of others to enjoy some of the basic things that make the holidays a happy time. Giving to others who are less fortunate is very much in the spirit of the season, and Animal Health Care, P.C. is glad to be part of the effort to help the less fortunate enjoy happy holidays.

As they have now done for several years in a row, Animal Health Care, P.C. has teamed up with local food bank Loaves and Fishes in order to deliver meals to those in need. Loaves and Fishes distributes approximately sixty thousand pounds of groceries each and every week–providing meals to roughly six hundred local families each and every week, and about half of the food they give out is consumed by children who absolutely cannot provide for themselves. Last year Loaves and Fishes provided food to nearly five thousand families–over twenty thousand individuals–in the Naperville and DuPage Counties. Loaves and Fishes subscribes to the idea that ample food is an individual’s right, not a privilege, and a strong community pulling together to feed the needy can effectively change and improve lives. Animal Health Care, P.C. fully supports this idea, and this vital community group, along with the help of their many clients and friends.

Loaves and Fishes Food Drive

On behalf of Loaves and Fishes, Animal Health Care, P.C. is collected commercially packaged food items in cans or unbreakable containers, such as canned meats, canned and boxed meals, peanut and other nut butters, condiments, canned or dried beans and peas, pasta, rice, cereal, canned fruits and vegetables and baby donations. At present, Loaves and Fishes has indicated that they are in particular need of canned vegetables like corn, tomatoes and pasta, canned and dry fruit like applesauce, mixed fruit, peaches and raisins, and especially canned protein like tuna fish, pinto beans, black beans and pork and beans. Holiday food items such as turkeys, hams, boxed or bagged stuffing mix, canned yams or sweet potatoes, canned gravy or broth, canned fruit or pineapple, canned green beans and corn, cream of mushroom soup, Jello-O and pudding mixes, brownie mix or pie filling and others can also be particularly helpful and appreciated. Gift cards to grocery stores are also very helpful, and a mere thirty dollars can provide a small family with a complete holiday meal, bringing great joy and happiness into others’ lives at very little cost.

In addition to food donations, Loaves and Fishes accepts monetary donations that can be used to purchase necessary grocery items. Donations can be made through their website or through check mailed to them directly at 1871 High Grove Lane, Naperville, IL 60540.

Animal Health Care, P.C.

Animal Health Care, P.C. is a local animal hospital providing a wide range of services. The owner of Animal Health Care, P.C., Dr. Ray Bishop takes a hands-on approach with clients and their pets in the clinic.

“We are very excited to work with Loaves and Fishes again this year on the annual food drive,” says Dr. Bishop.

“Our clinic partners with clients to provide best service to support the pet’s overall health and longevity. Our goal is to keep them pain free and healthy so preventative medicine is extremely important to us. What’s also important is helping to safeguard and improve the community. This great fundraiser helps us do just that. My staff are more interactive with the clients to work within the pet’s best interest. It’s the client who is responsible for the at home care of the pet so we want to support that as best we can.”

Dr. Bishop adds that there is absolutely no donation that is too small, and every donation is greatly appreciated as it helps to bring the holiday spirit into the homes and lives of many who truly deserve to experience the joy of the season. Giving to others can also bring great joy and happiness into an individual’s life, which does more to spread the holiday spirit than any amount of store-bought gifts. Loaves and Fishes encourages individuals to recognize that when they donate they are giving much more than just a holiday meal, they are actually providing others with hope.

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