Animal Healthcare PC Raises Donations in Local Food Drive

During the holiday season, many families come together to celebrate life and love and to express thanks for all the wonderful things that they have. The holiday season is well known as a time to celebrate the joy of giving, a time of happiness and laughter, togetherness and plenty, and a time when individuals reflect upon their past successes and prepare for a wonderful future. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who don’t experience the holiday season in this way, simply because they lack the wherewithal to adequately support themselves or their families.

It is an unfortunate fact that many individuals in our country are without the basic necessities that most other individuals take for granted. These individuals may suffer from insufficient income, devastating illnesses or debilitating injuries that prevent them from supporting themselves and their family in comfort. These individuals rely on generous donations from others in order to receive their basic needs, not the least of which is three meals a day. Since giving to others is one of hallmarks of the holiday season, many organizations participate in holiday food drives to help ensure that those in need are able to experience some of the joy that the season is all about.

Animal Healthcare PC’s Food Drive

During this past holiday season Animal Healthcare PC in Naperville, Illinois teamed up with local food bank Loaves and Fishes to help provide much needed food to members of the community who would otherwise have done without. Loaves and Fishes provides a variety of valuable services to the Naperville community and thanks to generous donations from over one thousand local volunteers and support organizations, Loaves and Fishes is able to provide meals to families in need. This organization distributes more than sixty thousand pounds of groceries to approximately six hundred families every single week. Approximately half of this food is provided for children, individuals who simply don’t have the means to provide for themselves when their parents are unable to.

It could be said that a community is as strong as it is willing and able to pull together and support each other through difficult times and situations. Helping to provide for families in need during the holiday season is a perfect example of the strength of a community. Many different organizations and individuals worked very hard to help support Loaves and Fishes in their efforts, including Animal Healthcare PC. Animal Healthcare PC decided to set the goal of collecting three hundred pounds of nonperishable food items from clients and friends to donate to Loaves and Fishes in time for the holidays, and quickly got the word out to everyone in the local community. There were many wonderful contributions from many generous individuals who brought both food and cash donations in to the office. While the goal of three hundred pounds of food was not met, an amazing total of one hundred fifty-nine and a half pounds of food and ninety-three dollars cash was delivered to the center over the course of the food drive. These donations were then brought to Loaves and Fishes to distribute to families in need, helping to make the holiday season brighter not only for those on the receiving end, but also for those who gave generously.

Loaves and Fishes strongly believes that ample food is a basic human right, not a privilege, and the power of a strong, supportive community can truly change people’s lives for the better. Animal Healthcare PC agrees with this philosophy, and is happy to have had the opportunity to support this incredible organization during the holiday season with the help of their generous clients and friends.

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