What is the Role of a Veterinary Technician

Whenever you go to a doctor, the first medical professional that you deal with is usually a nurse. He or she might check your blood pressure, take down your medical history and generally help prepare you to meet with your doctor. These nurses provide valuable and time-saving assistance to help ensure that you have a safe and effective visit to the doctor.

These skills are a vital and necessary part of working with people, so you can imagine that veterinarians would need the same assistance. That’s where veterinary technicians come in. Simply put, you could call a veterinary technician an “animal nurse.” They provide a valuable service to veterinarians all over the world in keeping our pets healthy.

More About Pet Technicians

In some ways, the role of a veterinary technician is even more difficult and demanding than that of a nurse that works with humans. Instead of just being an expert on the human body, a veterinary technician is usually trained and ready to work with every kind of pet you could have in your home. In addition to dogs and cats, a veterinary technician might need to know how to work with anything from a hamster to a parrot!

Whether you’re bringing your pet in for a routine checkup or because she’s just not feeling well, the warm, friendly professional that you first work with is probably a veterinary technician. In honor of National Veterinary Technician Week, take the opportunity to thank your local “animal nurse” the next time you see him or her!

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