After a 2 mile walk on leash Jade is laying so calm and letting me scrub her toe! Such a good girl! I have a boot she slept in and I will put on when she is in her crate today – it is a little crowded in her crate with the collar. She is not messing with it much either so that is good.


My beautiful GSP and I have just had a fabulous experience with treatment for a cracked nail with Dr. Bishop and his staff at Animal Health care. Jade cracked a nail running on frozen ground and luckily Dr. Bishop has loads of experience and great treatments so we did not have to consider removing her nail. The concern was that the nail needed to grow out and reconnect and not separate further. We had weekly visits for trims and Dr. Bishop has a “grinding” machine that is painless that he uses as well to help shape the nail. Dr. Bishop sent me home with antibacterial soap and disinfectant to keep the nail clean while it grew out. The entire process went superbly and Jade’s nail grew out and healed and we are back running at the dog park! All thanks to the expert care of Dr. Bishop and the staff at Animal Health Care.


Hello Dr. Bishop and staff,
Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for introducing Jade to Sileo. I gave it to her tonight for the first time when the thunderstorms started when I got home from work. At first (until it took effect) she was her normal miserable, scared, shaking, hiding in the closet Jade. But then she relaxed and has been snuggling with us downstairs. When it thunders she just listens to it and kinda looks around like it is not a big deal and stays where she is. She is awake and very calm and falls in and out of sleep. I may give her one less dot next time and give her 3 instead of 4, but this is such a huge improvement and so nice not to see her miserable.

Thank you!!!

See you Saturday for our nail trim!

Holly Wendt


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